The Flat Cat Alcohol Stove

The Flat Cat Alcohol Stove is a very unique and efficient system with a really clever windscreen design.  Here's a quick review and test burn.


Elevation:  5,700 ft.
Ambient temp:  78 degrees F
Water volume:  16 oz.
Water Temp:  60 degrees
The Flat Cat Alcohol Stove The Flat Cat Alcohol Stove Reviewed by Jason Klass on July 24, 2011 Rating: 5


Donald C Phinney II said...

Love the vids, but not that you are on google+ could you post a link to your new blog entries and vids there as well?

Edgar said...

Thanks for sharing this nice, short yet efficient video.
One thing: how does it support your pot? is it designed to support all sorts of pot sizes? does the snaps gives sufficient accuracy?

Jason Klass said...


I will start doing that soon.


I didn't show it in the video but there's a thin support wire on one side of the screen. The pot handles rest on the lip of the screen on one side and then that support wire on the other.

They make different screens for different pots. To see which models, visit the Flat Cat website.

Edgar said...


Flat Cat Gear said...

Our windscreen may work with other pots. The current design has been optimized and validated to work with 1.3 liter titanium pot. Specifically, this includes 3 pots in the Evernew product line as well as 2 pots in the REI T-Ware line. We are in the final stages of validating our 700 ml mug system and expect a product release in the August time frame.

Jason Klass said...

I think it should specifically be pointed out that there's a Flat Cat system for the MSR Titan Kettle.

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