Insta-Fire Fire Starter

I'm always looking to play around with new types of fire starting materials and I've recently stumbled across a very interesting one.  Insta-Fire is a unique tinder that uses a blend of volcanic rock and wood pellets to produce a long burning, water proof fire starter. In the video above a small handful of Insta-Fire burned well over five and a half minutes under windy conditions and kept a steady flame (more than enough to start a campfire with even wet wood).  One thing I like about this fire starter is that even though it's water proof, it's all natural and non-toxic. Also, they sell it in various volumes--everything from a 5 gallon bucket to small packages.  I'd say most backpackers with decent fire skills could easily get a fire going with about a teaspoon or so making it very economical (both money and weight wise).  If you're looking to try something new, you might want to check out Insta-Fire. 

Insta-Fire Fire Starter Insta-Fire Fire Starter Reviewed by Jason Klass on March 27, 2011 Rating: 5


Jasmin Loire said...

What does the vermiculite (the volcanic rock) do in this mixture? Wouldn't it be lighter without it?

Edgar said...

Hi Jason,
Thanks for sharing!
Did you have the chance to use it on a hike, trying to light a campfire from wet wood or something like that?


b.bacher said...
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b.bacher said...

Interesting product. I like the video that is on their website.

And the price isn't too bad; shipping (as always) kills the price!

I ordered a bit of it and will try it out as soon as I get it. The rest will go in my "go bag" that I use for hiking, backpacking, and FD Rescue calls (right there with all the other crap that I carry around but doubt I'll ever need!).

Thanks for sharing.

Jason Klass said...

I believe the volcanic rock makes it easier to light and gets the wood pellets going. It's actually lighter than the wood.

Haven't used it on a hike yet. Just testing burn times so far.

corwin said...

I'd add some magnesium slivers so you could firestick it easier. Then again I like making my own tinder, that being part of the experience IMO.

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for sharing. I may try some of this eventually when I use up all of my Wet Fire.

Anonymous said...

I use it all the time! Will take up to 50 mph winds, burns right on the snow, feather light, the volcanic rocks will float and burn on water. Saved a friends life who got caught in a blizzard and nothing else would work - pine needles wouldn't even burn - burnt the Insta-Fire and fed the fire all night - non toxic and I hear the Canadian Special Forces uses it now. Very cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Also if you stir it occasionally - it will last a long time - 1/2 cup I have had it burn over 20 min.

My favorite thing to use it for is to light charcoal briquettes using Insta-Fire only - no lighter fluid with a charcoal chimney. I've lit 75 briquettes in 10 min using 3/4 cup before. Got it love it! Sam

Benji - Passionate about Margaret River said...

I like the sounds of this. Nothing worse than fighting to light a fire when it is cold or wet. An essential for camping and toxic free to boot, a win - win

rodney said...

Interesting i wonder if you put your mesh pot stand down part filled it with this mix could you boil your water for coffee , if so you might want to get one of these , .
I have the stainless steel one and the much lighter Aluminum version .They both work well but preheat you cup with some hot water first . Have a nice brew .

Anonymous said...

Yes, it will boil water. Holy cow, It boiled water so fast I had to put an infa red laser on it. It was almost 1000 degrees. 985 degrees. Wood fire is about 400 degrees. No wonder it boils water so fast. I love this stuff and when its all done - it is like a fertilizer for nature.


Debra Mennins said...

These looks like some good products to store around the house. The only thing I'm worried about is if it will affect a chimney cleaners service.

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