Screw Pop Winners Announced!

Thanks to all of you who participated in the recent Screwpop contest.  There were over 70 responses!  Many of you came up with the same ideas and because I could only give away 5 Screwpops, I gave the winning prize to the person who sent in the idea first.

And the winners are...

Marvin Blackford
You can use it as an alternate striker for your Ferro Rod by inserting the Ferro Rod through the ring and using the flat edge of the bottle opener as the striker. Increasing usefulness of the Screwpop and eliminating the need to carry another striker.

Paul Dixon
I would use the screwpop as an impromptu tent peg if one of mine broke while pegging my tent down. Also I could see it working well as a guy line tensioner.

I like to use it for my food bag. Just hook it up to a piece of bank line and toss it over a limb. I also like it for softening up small branches with the ring portion to help make cordage.

JJ Mathes
The Screwpop could be used to remove stakes out of the hard/frozen ground by hooking the ring around the stake twisting then pull upward.

Joe Geib
UL backcountry bubble blower. Use the O-end as a bubble blower ring. Pack some bubble suds in an old alcohol fuel bottle, and you have an instant backcountry party! 

The winners have been notified by email. If you didn't win, you can still get a Screwpop here.  Thanks again everyone and be on the lookout for more gear contests soon!
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