DIY Gear Presentation to Scout Leaders

Here's a presentation I recently gave to a really great group of scout leaders in Denver about DIY backpacking gear.  It's long so I had to break it up into 3 parts.  If you have a high tolerance for dimly lit videos and 36 minutes of your life to kill, watch all 3 videos:

DIY Gear Presentation to Scout Leaders DIY Gear Presentation to Scout Leaders Reviewed by Jason Klass on December 04, 2010 Rating: 5


Curtis Ware said...

did you have a powerpoint presentation with it?

Anonymous said...

Great job. Cool that you got to do that. So do you think the leaders will be teaching the scouts any UL DIY methods now?

Anonymous said...

I just read an interesting post in brian greens blog ( about a document that effectively bans the use of commercial and home made alcohol stoves that use denatured alcohol or HEET as fuel in the BSA. Since your diy stoves were a big part of your presentation, did any of the leaders approach you about this? Just curious.

Jason Klass said...

Yes, I did have a PPT presentation but it was very simple and horrible. I threw it together in about 30 minutes. Next time I give a talk, I'm going to make a better, more organized one.

Yes, Brian posted that on my Facebook page. It's a shame that we deprive scouts of DIY stoves because we're overly litigious. There were 30 people there and no one brought this up. According to Brian, the ban was never really clearly communicated so a lot of people don't know about it. Seems strange to me that they would allow white gas (which is far more noxious) and not denatured alcohol. Some of the scout leaders there definitely want to teach some DIY stuff. Out of 30, only one person raised their hand when I asked if any of them had taught DIY backpacking gear projects.

Anonymous said...

After I watched your videos and then read Brians blog I talked to my boss which is active in the Scouts but not a leader. He had not heard link to your sike this. I am going to send him a link to your site and then to Brians Blog so he can check it out. However, it is cool that you got to do your presentation for them. Great job!

Marty said...

Good Job!!! What better place to teach DIY and light weight backpacking? You just gave the scout leaders tons of projects, if they will just use them.

Marty said...
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