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A lot of people have emailed me asking to do a video on what I carry while hiking and/or backpacking.  Since I was on a quick hike today, I took a moment to do a video on what I typically carry on 3-season day hikes in my Osprey Kestrel 32 backpack.  A video on what I carry for 3-season backpacking is soon to follow.  Sorry about the wind (it gets better).

What's in my Day Hiking Backpack What's in my Day Hiking Backpack Reviewed by Jason Klass on October 24, 2010 Rating: 5


Packeagle said...

I see you found a different sheath for the Mora. Care to explain?

Jason Klass said...

Ha ha, glad you caught that Archie. There will be a video coming soon on some cool new sheaths for Moras and they will be available in November. Stay tuned...

Marc said...

I carry a pretty similar setup. I have a North Face soft shell with a GoLite Phantasm rain jacket. Gerber fixed blade knife, first aid kit, Power Bars, headlamp, u-dig-it shovel (never know when you might need one of those!), etc.

Right now I'm using the GoLite Jam, mainly because I picked it up at a real bargain during their warehouse sale this year. The Kestrel looks like a very well designed pack, might have to check that one out.

I haven't used trekking poles yet, although its on my list of things to try out. I meant to take some with me when I went up Grays and Torreys last weekend, but left them on the basement floor!

a2eric said...

Daypack/Car Trunk Backpack:
Kelty "range" backpack
Walls Water-pruf jacket
Silnylon Rain pants
synthetic socks
Sawvivor saw
Ontario SP-46 sheath knife
Coghlans tube tent
GSI Outdoors Solo Halulite cook set
w/canister stove
Garmin Geko GPS w/lithiums
Water purification,filter
empty 1 liter pepsi bottle
tasco monocular
Tea, hot choc., 3 styrofoam cups
4 "crunch" candie bars- last forever!
Atom headlamp
A two 123A cell flashlight
Sundries kit with the molskins, can opener and all those little itmes too numerous to mention.

Anonymous said...

Nice video, and thanks for sharing. I really want the Talon 33 for a Day / Over night pack. In time.
I noticed the sheath for your knife too. So, do you typically carry it around your neck? I jsut picked up one of the Clippers as well. It is a nice knife. Anyway, I am looking forward to the new video...

Jason Klass said...

Yes, I have started to carry it around my neck and like it a lot. I'll have a video on the sheath that will explain soon. I'm really excited about it because while I love Mora knives, I'm always disappointed with the sheaths.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the video on the ora sheath.

Edgar said...

Nice post, thanks for sharing.
The major differences from what I take for day hikes:
The first, since I hike in warm weather, I take no or very little additional clothing. On the other hand, I don't leave home without a cooking set. For day hikes it is usually a alcohol stove based kit.


Jason Klass said...

Believe me, I'm DYING to do it as these sheaths are pretty damn cool. I'm just waiting for the maker to give me the A-OK. I think you'll like them. To me, they're the perfect solution to the Mora sheath "problem".

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