How to Choose an Alcohol Stove: Part 3: DIY or Buy

This one covers making your own stove vs. buying one.  I had that same dilemma when I first got into backpacking so I thought it would be a useful topic. 

After finishing this video, I put up a page on Squidoo called How to Choose an Alcohol Stove for Backpacking.  It's meant as a primer for anyone who is considering trying an alcohol stove.  Most of you have probably already seen the videos there but if you know of anyone who is looking to get started with alcohol stoves, please forward them the link.  I had a lot of requests from people to put my alcohol stove videos in one place so this is it.
How to Choose an Alcohol Stove: Part 3: DIY or Buy How to Choose an Alcohol Stove: Part 3:  DIY or Buy Reviewed by Jason Klass on June 18, 2010 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Great video, Jason. Back to Youtube after Vimeo?

Jason Klass said...

Hi Hendrik. Yep, I wanted to switch to Vimeo but I got some complaints from some people who said they weren't able to view them. So, it's back to Youtube for now.

Robin said...

Great Video, I know your not big on Twitter, I thought the video was good so I stuck a link out on twitter.


Jason Klass said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks! Actually, I use Twitter for but not for this site. I probably should.

Anonymous said...

Great summary. I've just built a penny-stove and super-cat. Had to get a solider to get a keg can for me from the base here...

I think I'm going to stick with the homemade stuff, after reading that Andrew Skurka uses a cat stove, I figure they're legit. Which do you like best?

Have made any of your own wood burning stoves? That's my next project, I think I'll need to buy a small drill first though...more tools!

Kathy Handyside said...

That Evernew looks like the Trangia, except the Trangia is made of brass.

I like the Brasslite - I like the integrated potstand. It looks like it would work with my Snow Peak 600.

Lance Milks said...

Hey Jason,

I have been using alcohol stoves for a long time and I have made several of my own and purchased a few as well. I dont think that my stoves where bad but its hard to beat the quality of the stoves that are made in machine shops like minibull or trail disigns for instance.

Unknown said...

Thanks for a good video.

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