How to Choose an Alcohol Stove Part 2: Output, Capacity, & Efficiency

How to Choose an Alcohol Stove

Here's the second in my series on how to choose an alcohol stove.  In this one, I focus on heat output and efficiency,

How to Choose an Alcohol Stove Part 2: Output, Capacity, & Efficiency How to Choose an Alcohol Stove Part 2:  Output, Capacity, & Efficiency Reviewed by Jason Klass on May 16, 2010 Rating: 5


Robin said...

Excellent summary of the various types of stoves – quite a collection you have!


Lance Milks said...

Hey Jason,

I need to show Christi this video. She thought I had many stoves. LOL!

Thomas W. Gauperaa said...

Great video! Thanks for making and sharing

Unknown said...

One thing I do to decrease the time to boil and decrease the amount of fuel I need is use high proof Everclear. Don't use the low proof stuff. Not all states sell the high proof stuff.

Denatured alcohol is mostly methanol, which has a lower heat density (BTU/oz). Another advantage of Everclear is it can be safely used to clean wounds, and can be diluted for a trail treat.

I hope you do an episode on different fuels soon.

Chad said...

Another great video. And that is quite a nice stove collection yoiu have there. I am working on mine. My Gram Weenie Pro just came in today so I have been playing with it. Have almost gone through half a bottle of HEET!
Alcohol stoves are so much fun. It used to not bother me when people would say something about someones alky stove, and how long it took, and yada yada I feel sorry for them, cause it's just so much more fun than other stoves. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy my canister stove. It just depends on what you need to do.
I agree. I hope you do one on fuels soon too, because I need to learn all the differences, other than the obvious ones. (Zen stoves, Ill be back!)
Anyway, enjoyed the video. Keep up the good work.

Jason Klass said...

That's a good idea bout a video one fuels. I've done one on Heet vs. SLX but not other types of fuel. I may just do one.

Ye, alcohol stoves are a lot of fun. Are you making some of your own?

Anonymous said...

My very first alky stove was a double walled Pepsi can stove. Actually I made two because I let my son make one while I was making mine (so I actually made 2, but he had fun!) I have made a SuperCat, and some of the aluminum bud light bottle stoves. I made one that I don't even know if it has a name, I just came across it on the net, it was very simple, so I made it and it didn't work too well. Other than this I have the original & the Solo WBS and just got in my Gram Weenie Pro in. (I did a write up and a video over on my site on the GWP).
I liked the Brass light stove on your video, but I am really interested in the Etowah stove, even though it is over 5 oz.
The more I make, or get in the mail, the more I like them! Just something different about using a alky stove, rather than the canister.
Anyway, enjoying your videos. Thanks.

Ken said...

Excellent video. I'll have to see part one also.

Alia parker said...

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