Gear Pods - Modular Gear System

Here's a really innovative gear concept I haven't seen before. Gear Pods is a very unique site that ultralight backpackers should take note of. While the pre-packaged "pod" systems they sell on their site might seem on the heavy side, digging deeper, you will find a lot of great design ideas and other gear for UL backpacking. Plus, you can customize your own system. If you are like me and are engaged in other back country sports, this flexible system will appeal to you on multiple levels.

Gear Pods - Modular Gear System Gear Pods - Modular Gear System Reviewed by Jason Klass on May 30, 2010 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

That alcohol stove is quite awesome. Do you think it will hold as a primary stove for ultra-light backpacking? Can it boil ~1 liter of water in a reasonable time? Is the setup compare well with other ultra-light setups (Caldera Cone)?

Very interesting idea, the whole pod system is original, but I wouldn't want to carry all those plastic containers in my backpack.

Jason Klass said...

The stove to me looks like it was designed to boil small amounts of water but I could try it with a larger pot and see. I don't know that I would use it as my main backpacking stove. I think it's intended for survival use. I just wanted to point out some of the unique design features of it.

Lance Milks said...

Bazinga! dang I cant believe that has flown under my radar for this long. I have to check that stuff out.

Four Jacks and a Pup said...

This is a really cool thing to have. I have one question,
how much would a whole gear sling weigh?

Jason Klass said...

Four Jacks and a Pup-
The whole sleeve with everything show in the video weighs 31 oz. (1.9 lbs.)

Marc said...

Seems like you could make something similar yourself using PVC, or a similar, more lightweight material. Just cut the material to the desired length, cap one end permanently, and slide a cap on and off the other end. We have a setup like this made of PVC that we use for storing/transporting silverware. We use this more for car camping, but there should be some thinner, more lightweight material out there that you could find to make your own?

Great concept though!

Edgar (Camp Stove Wizard) said...

Wow! This stove goes high in my future purchase list! I really like the way the stove folds. I saw it comes with a mini windscreen. Have you tried it? Can you share a picture of the windscreen assembled?


Jason Klass said...

Hi Edgar,
Yeah, it's a cool design. If you only need to boil water for coffee or tea or something, it's great. It doesn't really have the capacity to cook larger meals or dehydrated meals that require 2 cups of water. I'll try to get a picture of the windscreen up.

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