How to Choose an Alcohol Stove Part 1: Flame Pattern

How to Choose an Alcohol Stove 1

Here's my first in a series of videos on how to choose the right alcohol stove for you. There will be more to follow: each focusing on one aspect of alcohol stove, menu, and cookware considerations.

How to Choose an Alcohol Stove Part 1: Flame Pattern How to Choose an Alcohol Stove Part 1:  Flame Pattern Reviewed by Jason Klass on April 13, 2010 Rating: 5


Chad said...

Dude, this goes along with a post that I had on backpacker not too long ago. I initially bought a 1.8L GSI Dualist pot and used it with a canister stove. Works great. I got into alky stoves and made a few, awesome! Then I decided I wanted a solo pot so I went with the 700ml Ti-pot (tall & slender - 3 5/8" diameter). Sweet! I used a few of my homemade alky stoves with the 700 ml pot and it just didn't seem to measure up! So, I made a few more similar to the White Box Stoves, and they did the same. I figured it was my skills that was lacking so I ordered one of the White Box Solo's. The results were the same. I then came to the conclusion that not enough of the flame from these stoves were actually under the pot heating the water. I talked with Bill from WBS and he said the same thing. (He was nice enough to send me the regular WBS to work with my bigger pot though, cool guy!)
So now I am planning on buying one of the GSI Kettles to use with the WB Solo.
Great advice (just wish I had heard it a little while back....) and looking forward to the rest of the vids. Thanks.

Aaron said...

Woah! Your talking about something like stove selection and there are not dozens of posts, already? What's up with that?!?

So... for those of us using a Heineken pot, I would assume that a concentrated flame is best. Is there any advantage between a small jet type stove to a single, open flame stove?

Jason Klass said...

Hi Aaron,
Yep, that's right about the Heineken pot and a concentrated flame.

Robin said...

Curious - why are you now using Vimeo not youtube?

BackpackBaseCamp Blog

Jason Klass said...

Hi Robin,
I still use Youtube but from now on, when I embed a video on my blog I will use Vimeo so my blog readers don't have to see the advertisements.

Ray said...

Is there some trick to viewing your videos on Vimeo? The space where the video should be is blank. Never had any trouble when you were using Youtube.

Jason Klass said...

Hey Ray,
No, there's not trick to it. It shows up fine for me. If you can't see it on my blog, it's also on Youtube. Do you even see a link for the video on Vimeo or just nothing at all?

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