Hands-free Water in Camp: The J-Sink

Here's an idea I had a long time ago that I thought might be worth revisiting now that we have more innovative materials and products at our disposal since I posted it. Basically, it's a "hands-free" water system that's good for washing your hands, pots & pans, etc. in camp without holding anything. Here's a simple diagram of how to put it together:

And here is one of the first videos I ever did showing (very badly) how to use it:

So, do you have any suggestions for improvements now that we have the benefit of the hindsight? Do you have a better/lighter/more convenient solution for managing in-camp water usage? I'd love to see what you guys think.

Hands-free Water in Camp: The J-Sink Hands-free Water in Camp: The J-Sink Reviewed by Jason Klass on February 18, 2010 Rating: 5


The Velo Hobo said...

Great idea. I use a camelback bladder that has the lid mounted on the side...probably would not work as well. When I replace it, I might consider one like yours.

I doesn't seem as if you're adding any weight to you pack. If you are like me, you are carrying extra line anyway...might as well put it to use.

Thanks for the tip,

Aaron said...

I cannot really see a way to improve on that... A couple of questions, though, what does the whole system weigh? I assume that the nalgene canteen can be used to store water for when you are away from a water source, so that makes it useful as a standard water holder while hiking, too. Hard to make that system better!

Robin said...

Good idea, if you put it a bit higher up the tree and use a cap with tiny holes in it, you could use it the wash you hair!

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Premodern Bloke said...

Thanks for the tip, Jason. It is a great example of the KISS principle. Simple and functional.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. How is the paracord attached to the rear of the canteen?

Jason Klass said...

I took a hole punch and made a hole in the corner of the bag, then tied the paracord to it.

Jason Klass said...

I'm out of town right now so I don't have it in front of me to weigh. I'll weigh it as soon as I get home and let you know.

Carl Lenocker said...

The one thing I truly miss when I'm on the trail for 3-4 days is a hot shower! Wonder if you could rig this up to be one? I have a small black coleman solar shower I guess I need to bring with me to try sometime -- barely weighs anything.


Jason Klass said...

It could easily be converted into a shower. Take one of these: http://www.rei.com/product/720282, drill some holes in it, slip it in the mouth of the Nalgene and presto!

Jason Klass said...

Hey, no one commented on how cool my drawing was. I made that all by myself!

magazin outdoor said...

Nice tutorial. I'll see how if i manage to do the same when i go out in the woods.

Four Jacks and a Pup said...

I love this idea, Jason. Can't think of a better way to do it. I love the idea of using it as a shower. That will feel GREAT!

Kathy Handyside said...

Very cool idea! It will make hair washing a lot easier!

Kathy Handyside said...

Love the drawing, too! You could illustrate backpacking technique books, Jason!

Victoryperfect said...

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