My Backpacking Sundries Kit

Backpacking Sundries Kit

I'm sure most of us have a version of this but I'm curious to see what you carry that's different. Let me know!

My Backpacking Sundries Kit My Backpacking Sundries Kit Reviewed by Jason Klass on December 29, 2009 Rating: 5


Mike said...

My sundries are a little more spread out....

I have a red silnylon bag that houses headlamp, bobbin of thread, a small plastic tube (pentel eraser tube) wrapped with duct tape and filled with a couple of sewing needles and a swiss army pair of tweezers, first aid items, some safety pins, a couple coughlan solid fuel tabs, 50' of cord, backup bic, firesteel, backup bag of TP, a couple of spare ziplocs and trash bags. This is kept at the top of my main packbag.

I have a separate toilet/cleaning kit in a mesh bag that houses TP, alky hand cleaner, wipes and a montbell trowel. This is kept accessible in an exterior pocket.

As for toothbrush and toothpaste, I keep it in my cook kit since I tend to brush after dinner and after breakfast anyway. By default, it goes in the bearbag with the cook kit.

bandana is a worn item that is either strapped to my head or strapped to my pack.

It is always interesting to see not only what others carry, but also how they organize their gear. Thanks for sharing.

Jolly Green Giant said...

Nice video. I think this kind of kit varies quite a bit from person to person, but there is often a new and untapped idea when shared. Yours was no different. Nice work.

inactive blogger said...

I found the toothpaste companies website. They sell a lot of other neat, small stuff. I think if you call them or e-mail them they can sell directly to you.

Chris said...

I don't think I've ever called my bag anything other than the "Everything else" bag. The only things I didn't see in yours you probably carry somewhere else. An Ace wrap cause I'm worried I'll twist an ankle or blow a knee. A yard waste garbage bag, duct tape wrapped around my mini bic and my spare batteries.

Otherwise mine is just like yours except for brand or materiel.

Unknown said...

I carry my sundries in a lumbar pack. That way, I'm less likely to leave my essentials behind when going exploring after setting camp and dropping the big pack.

Carl Lenocker said...

Isn't all toilet paper "Bio-Degradable"? haha


Liz said...

My odds and ends are things I want access to all the time so they are in two waist pouches that slide onto my backpack waist belt (or my pants belt). My first aid kit is a lot larger than yours so it has its own place in my pack. Other little fiddly bits are with other things (firestarting with the stove, toothbrush in the bear can, and so on). The pouches get dropped into my ridgeline organizer (hammock) at night and I loop my headlamp on the ridgeline so I don't need a little squeeze light on the drawstring, but that such a cool idea!

In my gear lists I call this category of stuff "Stuff" - original, huh?

small ziplock for trash
tube of sunscreen/lipbalm combo
tube of solid bug dope
headlamp + spare battery
stubby pencil
digi point and shoot camera
toilet paper
hand sanitizer
Whiz Freedom FUD (feminine urine director)

Nick said...

Hi Jason,

Great video. Always interesting to see what little nick-nacks other people carry.

Mine's pretty similar really. Being big into my bushcraft the only extra thing I have is some sort of small sharpening stone for my knife - usually a cut down japanese water stone. Also something for cracked lips - lipsyl or whatever.

Only other difference is an organisational one - as I say, big into bushcraft so carry a cheap tobacco pouch which I use for tinder (usually some wax tinder card, birch bark plus something fibrous) also in this is a firesteel and a lighter and maybe matches. This then goes into a separate small stuffsack which also houses TP/tissues and wet wipes - becomes kind of a "morning bag" for those duties first thing - light stove/fire and attend to other "admin" :)

Liking that bag though - mines usually in a variety of ancient stuff sacks which are well past their best!


Anonymous said...

I pack my kit in an OR helium ditty sm silnylon bag. Like you, I combine gear repair, first aid, and toiletries into the kit. I add a small roll of duct tape, a much smaller sewing kit (store the needle in the duct tape, floss doubles as thread), superglue (close skin cuts and repair hydration bladders), skin lotion, and spare batteries in my kit. I take a micra multitool which includes the scissors, my knife, and also tweezers into a nice package. I keep the bandana in my pocket, and a spare in with my clothes.

Jason Klass said...

Nice work Watson! Thanks for digging up that link and sharing. I'm going to order some.

Jason Klass said...

If I were Steven Wright, I'd probably respond by saying: Everything is biodegradable (if you have the time). ;)

Some old guy said...

TP and a Montbell trowel in one of those blue waterproof OP bags from Walmart in the mesh pocket on outside of pack.

Bug spray, hand sanitizer, pocket pack of Kleenex and 1-watt LED headlamp in hip belt pocket where I can access them without stopping. Aqua Mira in the other hip pocket.

Toothbrush and toothpaste in bear canister or bag with cook kit and food.

Bandana tucked under a strap on the pack yoke. Mr. Bandana is your close friend. There's an extra in the cook kit.

First aid kit (including antacid tablets and ACE bandage), gear repair items (piece of nylon tape, smallish zip ties, duct tape), 50' rough-coated dyneema cord, firestarting items (miniBic, lifeboat matches) and extra batteries in an orange silnylon bag at the top of the pack.

One of those Adventure Medical pocket survival kits, slightly augmented, in a pocket.

Journal and pen in a yoke pocket with map.

Tomas said...

Hi Jason, great video. Thanks for sharing.

Just a quick tip: It is easy to refil a smaller tube of toothpaste using a bigger "normal" tube, just by putting the two openings tight together and pressing toothpaste from the bigger tube into the smaller.
Works for me.

/ Tomas

Jason Klass said...

Thanks for the tip Tomas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas of storing duct tape on a backup lighter and the eraser tube sewing kit. I don't really like the idea of keeping duct tape on a trekking pole or water bottle. These 2 ideas are great.

Stefano said...

Hey there Jason. Thanks for the videos as always. I'm always checking the site for your latest updates.

You didn't talk about it in this video, and maybe not in any other, but I was wondering about liquid soap for things like cleaning pots or washing hands. I found a place, and I'm sure there are many others, that make soap from all natural ingredients. Is this soap safe to use in the backcountry without harming the water sources or any other wildlife? Here's a link.
Also, great site I found for anything and everything travel sized. Pretty cool stuff.
Thanks again!

Jason Klass said...

Hey Stefano,
I've only used Biosuds and it seems to work well but for now, I mostly just boil water so I don't really have to clean out pots. For washing hands, I usually just carry Wet Ones.

Climax Heating & Air Conditioning said...

@Jason, How much does your complete kit weigh? Thanks.

Climax Heating & Air Conditioning said...


Jason Klass said...

Sorry. 16-19 oz. depending on how I reorganize it.

Climax Heating & Air Conditioning said...

Thanks Jason

Anonymous said...

I carry methods to start fire in multiple places including a mini bic in my pocket. This way if I am separated from my pack or forget to put something in I am covered.

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