Trail Designs Caldera Cone for the Heineken Pot

Caldera Cone Alcohol Stove System for Heineken Pot

I've always been a little skeptical of the Caldera Cone because of issues with storage, but I recently got one that rolls up and fits inside of a Heineken pot and am pretty impressed with the design. This initial kitchen test passes but I'd really like to get it out in the field and see what it can do in real-world conditions.

Trail Designs Caldera Cone for the Heineken Pot Trail Designs Caldera Cone for the Heineken Pot Reviewed by Jason Klass on September 03, 2009 Rating: 5


SL said...

Once again, good video! I've also been skeptical about the Caldera Cone. Your video shows that the wind screen acts as the pot stand, but it looks kinda flimsy. Does it still feel solid when you have 2+ cups of water in the heiniken pot? Besides that, I think that it's a good cooking system to try out.

SL said...

Jason, I found this video describing how to make a caldera cone. Perhaps you could try it and post about the results?

SL said...
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Jason Klass said...

Yes, I would say it's stable and durable when you place the pot on. The only thing you have to be a little careful with is when you connect/disconnect the ends. It's easy to warp the windscreen when doing that. But of course it's aluminum so it is always easy to reshape it if you have to. I think this is a rally innovative design overall. I will have more information once I actually try it out in the field.

Mac E said...

I use a cone type windshield/potstand and it outperforms any other windshield configuration. You're best making your own though as you can match it exactly to your pot/stove combination. I also found that by surrounding the cone with a secondary kitchen foil windshield the performance in a breeze was virtually the same as the performance indoors. I posted the results of my tests together with an uncut video clip and a graph illustrating the Performance/Fuel Efficiency. The secondary kitchen foil shield folds up really small and weighs only a few grams.

Dana said...


I know you've not been a fan of the CC for a while now but it puzzles me as to why.

I know you have a mariposa plus and i know the capacity. I'm not sure what you rock all the time, and i'm also aware you have a MS Ghost, but you put alot of effort into kitchen setup compactness (weird phrasing).

I guess i always wonder how you can be so critical of the CC with ample pack space.

What pack are you currently running?

More pestering questions to come. Thanks for the post. :P
- Dana

Anonymous said...

Nice system and as always, a great review. I like the idea of the cone and I don't think I would ever be able to pull off the folds they use to couple the screen together as a DIY project(I would have to go with paper clips or something similar). For me, a windscreen that also serves as a potstand is the way to go.

Thanks, Jack
(Also thanks SL, nice link.)

Jason Klass said...

Hey Jack,
Yeah, the closing design they use would be pretty hard to replicate and a MYOG project. You might be able to get away with a simple fold over closure that would still be tight enough to hold the pot. The cool thing about the titanium models is that they snap together instead of sliding. Pretty cool!

Thomas W. Gauperaa said...

Love the way you used the paracord on the lid. Will do the same

Unknown said...

Jason, just a note on your comment about the CC sticking to the pot when you pick it up: It's thin aluminum. Given a few seconds away from the stove flame it will cool down rather quickly then it can be easily removed with a bare hand.

Anonymous said...

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