My Alcohol Stove Collection

Jason Klass Alcohol Stove Collection

In my gear closet video, I said that one day I would do a video on my alcohol stove collection. It took a year, but I finally got around to it. Here is a good sampling of what I've collected and built over the years. FYI, this is officially my longest video ever.

My Alcohol Stove Collection My Alcohol Stove Collection Reviewed by Jason Klass on September 22, 2009 Rating: 5


JCHaywire said...

This is the tour de force--really brings together all of the mishmash of videos on YT and elsewhere and kind of sums up "the stove revolution." Thanks for this super summary of the State Of The Art. I'm sure the accolades will avalanche in.
Jonathan in St. Paul

Jolly Green Giant said...

Okay, you win.

You do have a couple of options:

1) Get therapy.
2) Offer more free gear lotteries.
3) Take the time to sell them.
4) Recycle them and spend the money to buy a new Porche (I'm assuming that they would add up to at least the cost of a used older model. Maybe.)

Some old guy said...

Lately I've tried a tealite squished to fit the rectangular box on a titanium esbit wing stove similar to the one sold at (much cheaper elsewhere). I don't know why. Usually I just go back to a Klasslite (I like the extra stability). I always carry a little tealight tin whatever I'm "really" using as a backup. I like the MBD Elite and really like the Mini-Atomic. Also the Ultralight Outfitter's Esbit beercan stove. Anything silent that'll frugally boil a couple of cups of water is good.

Matt said...

Jason, I had no Idea when I asked you about making this video that it would be such a great collection. You really covered the spectrum. Thank you for such an informative video. Are there meeting to go to for this addiction. And if so were do you meet. I could use a little help myself.

Jason Klass said...

Hey Matt,
Sure, glad you enjoyed it. I really thought I pared down my selection to something I could get under 10 minutes but it was over 16 minutes and I even feel that I rushed it.

Thanks! I feel that I could have done a better job but I appreciate your kind words.

Jolly Green,
No way man! I'm going to embrace the sickness!!!

Some Old Guy,
Cool, glad you like the Klasslite. I guess more people than I thought like it.

Unknown said...

So, you've mentioned before that you're a fan of the Snow Peak 600, and you have sold lids for the same. Which of the stoves in the video is your 'go to' for it? The simple Tea Light stove?

Jason Klass said...

Hey Sam,
GREAT question. Here are my top picks for stoves for the Snowpeak 600:

1. Atomic
2. Tea Light Stove (either the original, 1 oz. version, or Klasslite)
3. Brasslite Turbo 1 ( in simmer mode so it hits the bottom of the pot)
4. Trail Designs 12-10 Stove

Some side burners like the Elite work very well for a fast burn but a lot of heat is wasted by the flames going up the side of the 600. What stoves do you guys use with your Snowpeak 600?

Matt said...


1st - Tea Light Stove

2nd - Open top travel mouse can with wick

3rd - Snow Peak Giga Power, for the lazy days.

Unknown said...

I've been using a Mini-Atomic with my SP600.

How does the flame pattern compare between the Atomic and Mini-Atomic?

Jason Klass said...

I haven't tried the two side by side so I can't really say. My guess would be that the mini-atomic is probably a little better because of the smaller flame. Do you have photos or videos of the flame pattern of the mini?

Unknown said...


I uploaded a short video and a few quick snapshots of the Mini-Atomic being used indoors with the SP600. I apologize for the lighting.

Jason Klass said...

Sam, very cool. Thanks!

Kathy Handyside said...

Has anyone tried making a tea light stove using the large tea light candle cups? I know you can get them at IKEA - they measure 2 1/4" diameter and 17/16". It would definitely have more fuel capacity than the regular tea light candle cup. I'm torn between making my own stove or just buying something like the Brasslite Turbo I-D. I use a Snow Peak 600 mug as my pot, since all I do is boil water.

Kathy Handyside said...

Oops! I mean to say " 15/16" in height."

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