Trail Designs Vari-Vent Windscreen

Trail Designs Vari-vent Alcohol Stove Windscreen

Anyone who has ever built their own windscreen has, at some point, taken a pause to consider the following: Where should I put the ventilation holes? How many should there be? How big should I make them? It's a delicate balance. To many holes and you lose wind protection. Too few and you suffocate your stove. Check out this'll get the idea.

The windscreens come in 3 sizes and you can easily trim them to size: Here are the available heights and their respective weights:

4" 1.1 oz. (31 grams)
6" 1.6 oz. (46 grams)
8" 1.9 oz. (54 grams)

The one shown in the video was a 4" Vari-Vent that seemed to fit the MSR Titan Kettle perfectly. Click here for more info. Also, here's a cool page with tips & tricks for using the Vari-Vent.
Trail Designs Vari-Vent Windscreen Trail Designs Vari-Vent Windscreen Reviewed by Jason Klass on August 12, 2009 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

Cool video, Jason! You went the extra mile for us with the hair dryer there, great. And the idea itself is also very innovative, its stuff like that which you don't see coming from the big players but from the Cottage Manufacturers!

Jason Klass said...

Hi Hendrick,
Yes, exactly what I was thinking. That's the advantage of the cottage industry--they're always innovative. They have to be to be competitive.

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