Off to Capitol Reef National Park

I'm off to Capitol Reef in Utah for a few days. I plan to do a video review of a piece of gear I recently got. If you can guess what it is before I release the video, you get a free prize! When I get back, I'll see who the winner is and contact you for your address so I can send it to you. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone! I hope you have some great hiking plans for the holiday!
Off to Capitol Reef National Park Off to Capitol Reef National Park Reviewed by Jason Klass on May 22, 2009 Rating: 5


Anders said...

Gorilla Pack or the Voodoo stove.

Have a nice trip!
Best regards,
Anders from Sweden

Yea, I know I cheated by making two guesses...

Esdras said...

Have a great trip Jason in Capitol Reef.
This is funny,
I am having a coffee in my favorite cup from Capitol Reef Inn & Café in Torrey, Utah. This is where I stop before going back home to Missouri. They have the best rainbow trout I ever had.
In Capitol Reef I camp in one of the remote locations on a new moon and from there I set out for Hikes and adventure. Capitol Reef has some of the darkest skies I’ve ever seen one can see the milky way from horizon to horizon and follow the dark nebulas with a pair of binoculars (8X40) on a good tripod. At night the stars put out enough light that you can see shadow on a white paper. On the next new moon I will be going that way for my 2-week vacation. Hope you have a good time.
My guess for gear review will be the VooDoo Stove.


SL said...

Ooo, could this mystery piece of gear be the Gorilla pack?

Gorilla pack is my guess.

Anonymous said...

I will guess it is the DUO CAB from Minibull, or a new spork. Hey Esdras what part of missouri are you from?
Ross from Missouri,

Esdras said...

Ross I am from Independence.

Anonymous said...

in gonna say some kind of trinkit or gorilla pack

Anonymous said...

I am going to say a Therm-A-Rest NeoAir.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I already know- your new Gossamer Mariposa Plus pack! Looking forward to your review, as I am this close to getting one myself!

Esdras said...

I will bet, Jason will surprise us with the choke Hazard stove a review.

Jason Klass said...

Sean cheated! He had inside information. It is indeed the Mariposa Plus Backpack. Sorry everyone, no winners. I will have the video online by Thursday (editing it now).

BTW, the weather in Capitol Reef made us bail and go to Canyonlands and Arches instead. The weather was much better there and we ended up having a great time.

DeanneM said...

Thought you'd enjoy this venn diagram of hybrid utencils.

Jason Klass said...

Ha, ha, that's great! My favorite is the "knork"! Do they come in titanium?

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