Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus Review

Here's my review of the Mariposa Plus. If you're thinking about getting one, feel free to email me or leave a comment and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about it. Also, a while back I did a video showing a little tip for the bungee cord system that you might find interesting.

Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus Review Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus Review Reviewed by Jason Klass on May 29, 2009 Rating: 5


Heberfarnsworth said...

Another great review!

I'm glad you mentioned using the hip and shoulder straps as hidden pockets. It's never really made sense to me as a location for spare socks. But that is exactly where I keep my ID, credit card, and emergency cash.

Here's one other thing to keep in there: a spare pack of coin batteries for my headlamp. Perfect size.

Jason Klass said...

Oooh, that's a great tip about the batteries! What other things could go in the "secret" pockets?

Jared said...

excellent review. I'll probably incorporate some of that into the golite ion I'm presently working on outlining the mods and ordering material for.

Jason Klass said...

Can you send me pictures when you're done with the pack?

Anonymous said...

Nice review! What a beatuiful place you live in!

Londonbackpacker said...

Great review.

I've been using a homemade G4 for a few years and its probably time to retire it and get a new one.

Is looks to be a pretty good replacement.

Jason Klass said...

LB, if you have a picture of your homemade G4 I'd like to see it.

Chris said...

The sleeping pad storage is ingenious, and Capitol Reef makes me excited to get back to Utah. Great review!

Unknown said...

Jason, a superb review! The idea of keeping ID and credit card in the hip belt is great, and very useful. Sectinhiker also had a nice review on his blog on how he likes to use the mesh pockets, which I found very useful. Those two convinced me of getting one, not just need to figure out my size and get my order in!

Matt DeWitt said...

Would this be a good pack for 2 nights and 3 days. Weekend warrior trips? I haven't bought my first pack yet and looking at the ULA catalyst or this one along with the Osprey exos series.

inactive blogger said...

Just noticed the emergency whistle on it. I picked up an Under Armour hydration pack that has the very same thing on it. Presumably for coaches and stuff, but I find it to be a neat little "wait up guys" or "over here" type thing for the trail.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the very informative video. I appreciate your efforts more than the makers of the pack.

MedicineMan said...

Thanks for the excellent review...I do have some questions if you guys don't mind. For several years I used a Mithil (Moonbowgear)and loved it when I was a ground dweller. I have since switched to hammocking and the Mithril like many lightweight packs required you place your sleeping pad inside to provide structure to the pack. I just finished a 3 week hike using a GG Meridian Vapor-it was OK but I kept thinking about a GVP-4 I gave away-this after meeting a sobo thru-hiker using the Mariposa Plus. He told me it has a aluminum stay.
My question is this--will the aluminum stay and the sit pad on the outside provide enough structure without using a pad coiled inside the pack? Being a hammock hanger I don't carry a pad but do carry a 2/3's underquilt and the sit pad would be perfect for the heels/calves...I carried a very short CCF pad in the GG just for this purpose.
Also starting out with 3-4 days food/water my pack was 25 pounds. Do you think the Mariposa Plus is OK at that weight.
Thanks for any input.

MedicineMan said...
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MedicineMan said...
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Jason Klass said...

I think you would be fine with 25 lbs. As for not using your pad, it would be OK as long as you pack right. Make sure you have something soft against the inside back panel and that there are no pointy objects against your back otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

MedicineMan said...

Jason thanks!
I will carry a pad to put on the outside of the pack against my back but only a small sit pad--actually a 1/4 CCF folded several times....but I won't carry a typical thermarest pad inside the pack.
Thanks to your review I'm on the list to know when the Mariposa is available in my size.
Thanks again.

Four Jacks and a Pup said...

Great review as well as a great pack.

Chris Sussman said...

What do women have to say about this pack? I am considering it for myself and my girlfriend, but don't know if the input/comments regarding it are equally applicable to her in getting a comfortable fit. Any thoughts? Also, Jason -- you don't find that an REI lite core pad folded in thirds is too thick for the back padding? After perusing the Gossamer site and watching their video it seemed to me that the padding would need to be kept very slim so the bag does not pull away from you -- perhaps when you have the lite core fully deflated it works well?

Paul said...

im 16 and im looking into getting my first ul pack.
do u recomend this pack or another one

ghostexplorer said...

Awesome review. I was thinking about possibly getting this pack, but after seeing your video I will definitely buy it. Was this shot in the needles section of the canyonlands? It brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

I own this pack and I absolutely love it.

This comment is very long but addresses some of the concerns above, and highlights a key feature Jason missed in the review (great review though Jason).

I love this pack. That being said, I have a very narrow chest/body type and I find that the straps are very close to being too wide. They occasionally rub up against my neck if I'm bending below branches, hopping across a stream crossing, or climbing over a downed tree across the trail. Using foam tubing instead of the provided foam shoulder padding is suggested by GG to remedy this problem (shapes the shoulder strap thinner across the body, and thicker out from the body). I have not tried this yet, but GG has a video that shows it working very well. This may also help women achieve a better fit, though I'm not sure.

As for hammocking with an underpad: the "sitlight" pad included will work very well as padding and structure for the pack, and comes out easily to sit on around camp or on a break. If you don't want to carry any padding in the slot, you may have to keep your total weight very low and also remove the aluminum stays. If you align your insulation layer/underpad along the back of the pack, it will press the aluminum stay into you... so I can only see that working without the stays.

Jason: Great review but there is one more important feature I think you missed: The entire hip belt is removable as well. Combined with the other removable/customizable features, this pack is truly customizable for any trip. I have taken many quick one-nighters with friends because we only have a short window where our work schedules align to get out in the woods. For short trips like this my pack weight can come way down from what the Mariposa can handle, and I just don't need the hip belt or aluminum stays.

But when you need it its there! I will be taking my Mariposa Plus on a thru hike of the Mountains to Sea Trail across North Carolina this fall.

Happy Trails!


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