Dinner with a Great Guy and Great Gear Talk

Last night I had dinner with the president of GossamerGear.com, Grant Sible, in Boulder. Despite the fact that we look like desperate characters in the picture, a good time was had by all.

Aye, many a bit o' gear were discussed over gnocci, pizza, and risotto. It was great to finally meet Grant in person after a lot of emails and phone calls. As a certified gear freak (he showed me the certificate), Grant of course had a suitcase full of UL shelters & packs in the trunk of his car and I was lucky enough to check out the new Gorilla Pack. It's similar to my Mariposa Plus, but the fabric is tougher and it's more compact.

One thing that really impressed me was the seeming indestructibility of the material they're using for the outer mesh pockets. It's very fine and feels almost as tough as the pack material itself. You get the sensation that the pockets would never snag on anything because they're so sheer and, even if they did, they could still fend off the best thorns nature has to offer. Just holding the Gorilla in my hands I could tell this pack was the incarnation of something many have long considered an oxymoron: a truly ultralight bushwhacking pack. Hmmmmm...I think there's enough room in my gear closet for one more pack. Seriously, just one more. I mean it this time!
Dinner with a Great Guy and Great Gear Talk Dinner with a Great Guy and Great Gear Talk Reviewed by Jason Klass on May 07, 2009 Rating: 5


Matt Lutz said...

I had the same impression about the Gorilla. I don't need another pack, but if there is one out there that I need, that is it.

Jason Klass said...

Welcome to gear insanity Matt! Let me be the first to shake your hand.

Jolly Green Giant said...

If there is one lightweight cottage manufacturer who sticks singularly to the mission of bringing quality lightweight gear to the table, it is Gossamer Gear. I too have also found Grant and Glen to offer the best personal customer service of 99.9% of the manufacturers on the market. I plan on meeting with Grant next Friday at Trail Days in Damascus, VA.

Unknown said...

Jolly Green Giant-
I agree completely on the quality and the customer service. Plus, they're always coming up with new ideas. Have fun at Trail Days!

SL said...

I looked at the gorilla and it looks like a really nice pack. I'm already fine using my Golite Ion (with a couple of gear mods to it), but I'd sure like to take the gorilla out for a spin.

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