The Belt Buckle Windscreen

I came up with this one a while back but I thought it was worth revisiting. There are a million windscreen designs out there but I've always liked this one since it's so easy to make and is very versatile.
For instructions on how to make your own, visit my old website, Homemade backpacking Gear. If you use alcohol stoves for backpacking and have cook pots of varying diameters, then you might like this design which allows you to use one windscreen for all of you pots.
The Belt Buckle Windscreen The Belt Buckle Windscreen Reviewed by Jason Klass on February 22, 2009 Rating: 5


Jolly Green Giant said...

That's a really great idea. I purchased a Ti-Tri Caldera Cone about a year ago and looked into using the cone for another pot earlier this year. The answer - no. I then talked to the folks at Trail Designs who told me each cone is made specific for each pot, so I was out of luck. I asked if they had one which was adjustable and again the answer was no. I'm sure they could have engineered one, but it seems to be more beneficial financially to require guys like me to purchase one for each pot. Great idea though.

Jason Klass said...

Don't they make custom Calderas to fit any pot?

Anonymous said...

great idea. I am just getting into the alcohol stoves, so this is a perfect project.

possible variations:
when you cut the flashing to make the screen, just incorporate the tabs into the overall shape. no extra parts to lose/break/eat.
or, depending on materials and skill, maybe solder/braze the buckle through the holes to the windscreen body.

Albert A Rasch said...

Great idea!

I love the use of found items turned into useful equipment.

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Brian said...

Hey wait a minute, that's not the Klasslite (Tealite) alcohol stove? That looks more like a aluminum beer bottle stove - have you switched on us without telling us? Just curious, really like the idea of a multi-use windscreen, so simple! :)

Jason Klass said...

What kind of gear whore would I be if I were faithful to just one stove? ;)

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