Trekking Poles and the Stick Pic

Here's a quick solution for those who carry the stick pic and are as forgetful as me. You could attach it with another method (such as a clip or mini caribiner) but this one holds it tight to the pole, preventing it from flopping around while hiking.

Trekking Poles and the Stick Pic Trekking Poles and the Stick Pic Reviewed by Jason Klass on December 28, 2008 Rating: 5


Widerstand said...

Thats a neat little idea for holding on to it! I don't own one myself since I don't use trekking poles but its still a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip, Jason. However, I just leave the StickPic attached to my camera.

Jason Klass said...

I tried that but it won't fit in my camera case if I leave it attached.

Joe and Lisa said...

Be careful not to lose the locknut! I think I lost mine on a hike. It just loosened its way off.

I store my StickPic on my pole in a similar fashion, but when hiking, I keep it in the pouch (or pocket) with the camera, so as not to lose any parts.

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