My Sundries Kit

I don't know what else to call it--it's just a stuff sack with my odds and ends. I'm sure most people have some form of this so here's what I normally carry in mine.

1. Granite Gear Air Bag. Houses all of my sundries for very little weight. I also like the fact that the silnylon is slippery, making it easier to get in and out of the pack or outside pockets when I want quick access.

2. Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp. I've been very happy with this light. Mine is the original incarnation but now they have a newer generation.

3. Spare Bandana. I usually have this as a backup for the one I tie on my pack--you never know when you'll need another one of these multi-use items.

4. Rite in the Rain waterproof pad. Comes in handy for jotting down notes about a new trail, keeping score for a game of cards, or writing a reminder about that brilliant flash of inspiration you had while gazing at the stars.

5. Fisher Stowaway Space Pen. To record all that brilliance (or at least a dismal hand of Rummy).

6. Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes. Great for trail hygiene. When dried out, they also serve as decent fire starters.

7. My Homemade Titanium Trowel. I made this a long time ago but it's one of my favorite pieces of gear and very functional.

8. Biodegradable Toilet Paper. I don't think I need to explain much here. I carry it in a half-size ziplock snack bag.

9. Mason's Line. Cheaper and lighter than typical guyline. Great for hanging bear bags, extra guy lines, tying things to packs, repairing gear, etc.

10. Two Mini Bic Lighters. The most reliable firestarters I've found. You can put them through the washer, pull them out, and they light right up. I've never had one fail (except when it was out of fuel).

11. The Stick Pic. Weighs almost nothing yet increases your photographic opportunities dramatically whether your going solo or want a group picture.

12. My First Aid Kit. The video should explain it all.

13. Fuchs Travel Toothbrush. I've tried many over the years and this is my favorite because it's light, yet gives you a real handle to hang on to and protects the bristles from being contaminated when closed.

14. Travel-Sized Toothpaste. I had some super small tubes I stole from a hotel in China but that supply ran out. Now, I just carry your average travel-size tubes.

15. El Cheapo Mini LED Light. I can't remember where I got this. I think I ordered something online and they gave this to me as a free gift. Anyway, it's very similar to the Photon Freedom Microlight. I've attached it to the end of the drawstring on the stuff sack as a backup light in case my headlamp falis, but more importantly, so it's handy in case I need to dig into my sundries kit at night.

So that's my "staple inventory"; however, I usually adjust it to match specific trips. Depending on the conditions, length of hike, difficulty, etc., I might also add:
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Chemical Hand Warmers
  • Mini Playing Cards
  • Fire Starters
  • etc.
I like having a flexible system like this. So, now I ask you the inevitable...what's in YOUR wallet?
My Sundries Kit My Sundries Kit Reviewed by Jason Klass on December 18, 2008 Rating: 5


samh said...

I refer to this as my 'ditty'.

Hoz said...

It's my "personals" bag and I carry much the same stuff as you. Except that I am a renal transplant survivor and so have more meds in the bag.

My toilette bag is separate and includes alcohol sanitizer, Handi Wipes, and paper.

I also carry some "Pic" a mosquito coil I found in Canada. A small piece lit in the tent before turning in kills off the mosies and saves me from having to hunt them down and do the "mosquito swipe".

Anonymous said...

I like the term "possibles bag". It comes from the "mountain man" days, but I have always liked the term.

Jason Klass said...

Ohh, "possibles bag", I like that one too.

Joe and Lisa said...

Why have a light on the drawstring, when there's a headlamp in the bag? Just grab the light first.

Kitty said...

I need dental floss, cant leave home without it, in my bag that I carry with me every day at home I even have some, but then again I have left town for 3 days with my bag that I carry on a day to day basis (not hiking or camping though)

I dont carry a sewing kitwhile travelling, I have a 2 needles and 5 safety pins in my first aid kit and use the dental floss for thread, it´s stronger than thread, and I really dont care if Im sewing black with white thread, when I get back I´ll repair it properly anyway. Para chord and dental floss has always been enough for all my rope, string and thread needs.

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