The Bushwhacker Stove

Bushwhacker Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

Like the idea but don't want to spend the $$$ on a Bushbuddy wood burning stove? Consider the Bushwhacker stove from You can make your own or buy one for a fraction of the cost of a Bushbuddy and get a true woodgas stove. Here, I do a very simple overview but for more information, you should visit their website.

The Bushwhacker Stove The Bushwhacker Stove Reviewed by Jason Klass on December 07, 2008 Rating: 5


Mac E said...

Great video Jason, the Bushwhacker looks very interesting indeed. I've been messing with building a woodstove but I really want to try J Falks plans.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Jason, thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked my new wood gas stove.

Jim Falk

Unknown said...

I'm gearing up for my first real backpacking trips in maybe 22 years (yikes...just realized I'm frggin' OLD), and I think the Bushwhacker with the alcohol stove accessory may be the stove I start with. I really like the looks of this.

Jason Klass said...

It's a great stove but I suggest you practice using it a few times before taking it out. Like any wood stove, it takes a little skill to get going.

Anonymous said...

Just bought one. Been itching for a wood stove and the price is right on this one. Thx for the video.

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