Field Test: WickSilver Pack Towel

Wicksilver Pack Towel

What I like:
Absorbent--unlike most "UL backpacking" towels
Light--only 2 ounces
Right size--(24" X 24") It's big enough to be practical yet small enough to be compact & ultra light
Versatile (can be used as a bandana, neck wrap, etc.)

What I don't like:
Dry time is too long. CAVEAT: Absorbency has its price. If it's absorbent, it takes longer to dry.
Field Test: WickSilver Pack Towel Field Test:  WickSilver Pack Towel Reviewed by Jason Klass on November 04, 2008 Rating: 5


SL said...

Good video! Is this towel like a diver's towel where they absorb a LOT but take at least an overnight to dry?

Jason Klass said...

Nope, shouldn't take that long to dry. Probably more like an hour in dry sunny conditions and maybe 2 or 3 in less favorable conditions. But it really is absorbant. What's a diver's towel?

Anonymous said...

I own one of the new larger backpacking towel and it is essential to my gear when I go anywhere! It dries super fast, is light, and doesn't get an odor.

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