A Spork For All Seasons

I looked in my gear closet yesterday and wondered why I have so many sporks and other eating utensils for the backcountry. Why do we collect these things? The following might sound a bit like an Andy Rooney tirade pondering our daily minutia but it gave me pause for thought—I’m sure a lot of us have accumulated an unnecessary amount of these backpacking knick knacks. Maybe it’s because they’re so cheap. Maybe it’s because we just love gadgets. Maybe we are on an obsessive quest to reduce our eating utensil weight from 0.5 oz. to 0.3 oz. Whatever the reason, I am guilty of buying & trying every spork, spoon, foon, and fork on the market. I’ve had many others and have traded them, given them away, returned them or given up on them.

My current favorite has to be the GSI telescoping spoon. The Lexan “bowl” won’t melt in boiling water or scratch my titanium pots when stirring coffee. It folds down to an easily-storable size, and is cheap. Plus, you can’t beat the 0.3 oz weight!
A Spork For All Seasons A Spork For All Seasons Reviewed by Jason Klass on August 07, 2008 Rating: 5


samh said...

Ah, but you can beat the weight. The FireLite SUL Short Handled Titanium Spoon from Backpacking Light weighs in at only .25 oz.

Jason Klass said...

Hi Samh,
The BPL one is lighter but it doesn't fold to become more compact like the GSI--I like to stow my spoon inside my pot along with my stove, windscreen, etc. Plus, I like the fact that this one is Lexan so it doesn't scratch the inside of my pots while stirring like titanium utensils. I'm taking this one on my trip to Mt. Whitney in a couple of weeks to try it out and will report back.

Anonymous said...

the utensils 5 -in-1 by guyotdesigns larger version excellent cheap does everything - larger version

spork - looks great but too flimsy and hands get messy

after seconhand tarptent contrail apart from backpackionglight.com anybody know where i might get one from in states


david fowler

Jason Klass said...

UPDATE: I just used this spoon for 3 days on Mt. Whitney and it's going back in the gear drawer. To my disappointment, food gets stuck in the sliding mechanism and you have to take it apart to clean it. Oh well--back to my folding titanium spork I guess.

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