Other Uses for Nalgene Bottles

After the recent Nalgene recall, I got to thinking, “What would everyone do with all of their old Nalgene bottles if they no longer want to drink from them?” After a little brainstorming, I came up with a few ideas. Please feel free to share some of your own ideas.

1. Backcountry shower: drill holes in the lid, fill with water and hold above your head.

2. Rodent and leak proof garbage container.

3. Put valuables such as keys, cash, cell phone, etc. inside when kayaking-it floats!

4. Backcountry washing machine: throw in a pair of socks, some water and biodegradable soap. Shake vigorously for a few minutes and rinse.

5. Storage for crushable foods like crackers, Biscotti, cookies, etc.

6. Waterproof storage for socks, matches, etc.

7. Wrap your windscreen around it and secure with a rubber band to keep it from getting dented.

8. Fill with water and freeze-put in cooler for a mess-free ice pack (car camping).

9. Fill with hot water and roll over your partner’s neck & back for a heat massage after a long hike—or, put it on the ground and roll the bottom of your foot over it to massage your own tired feet.

10. Hot water bottle for sleeping bag on cold nights.

11. Use to pound tent stakes.

12. Use as a weight for throwing you bear bag line over a tree limb (tie the line to the loop in the lid)

13. Pee bottle so you don’t have to leave your tent in the middle of the night—the wide mouth makes it easy to “aim”.

14. Cut your bottle into thin rings for a lightweight ring-toss game. The goal is to stand 10 ft. away and toss as many rings as you can around a tent stake.
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SL said...

Those are great ideas for nalgenes. I hated the idea that I'd have to buy more Sigg bottles for water (I only have one). I like the idea of a crush-proof container.

Anonymous said...

ewww... pee bottle. :-)

I really like nalgenes, but I usually carry only one. Siggs are much lighter but mine are all dented up and they are much harder to clean with the small mounth and you can't see how much you have left in them. You know, I think I just like talking about and reading about gear... Thanks Jason.

Anonymous said...

Leave it home. Why try to invent stupid, lame reasons to to carry more weight! Give your partner neck rub? Get real.

Anonymous said...


...a new entry, please

MasterLuke said...


JT said...

hohoho this is funny though...
thanx for sharing...

Just a little snarky said...

Hi Jason,
You have some good ideas. I go hiking in local parks a lot in the summer. What I do with my drink bottles is fill 1/2 with water, freeze it. When I go hiking, I fill the rest with water, and I have ice water for the next 2-4 hours depending on the outside temperature.

Easy and cheap.

I do this when I go on car trips in the summer also.

Anonymous said...

i still use nalgeins who cares about BPA anyway the way i see it ill get canser at some point and ill just hope then have a cure by then. however a lot of these things i do w/ my nalgene and still use it ass a water bottle.

Kathy Handyside said...

I love the ring toss game idea! Definitely more fun that watching a NUUN hydration tablet fizz away in the water bottle! (My low-level fun!)

Ellen Sammy said...

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