Cheap UL Backpacking Towels

I've always liked Light Load towels for my cookset. They dry quickly, are absorbant, and weigh almost nothing. But today, I found a cheaper alternative at Big Lots: Brawny Reusable Wipes. The material seems to be the same viscose material of the Light Load towels and they are similar in the fact that they dry quickly and are "semi-disposable". At 13" X 14", they're smaller than the light load but this is just the right size for use around the camp kitchen.

Now, here's the best part. Light load towels are $5 for a pack of 3. These Brawny towels were $2 for a 10-pack! Nice Value. They're machine washable and look to be just as durable (if not more) than the Light Load towels. I plan to use them as a towel/pot scrubber, pot gripper, and pot liner (to prevent scratches on the inside of my pot when I stow my stove/windscreen inside). Weight on my scale: 0.1 oz.
Cheap UL Backpacking Towels Cheap UL Backpacking Towels Reviewed by Jason Klass on December 08, 2007 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I am really greatful of the knowledge you share.

Thank you very much for being real and just an all around cool guy.

Anonymous said...

This comment is for women only: I carry a small (1 oz.) nalgene squirt bottle for water and a small square cut from an old backpack towel to use to wipe when I pee. It cuts way down on toilet paper - I don't have to carry as much in or out. I rinse the little towel now and then. It dries quickly in a pant pocket.

Kathy Handyside said...

I don't think they make them anymore - I can't find them anywhere. All the companies seem to have gone with the microfiber towels now. I have a package of Light Load towels, though, so I can use those.

Eric Palumbo said...

I couldn't find the Bounty towels but did find Scotch Brite Kitchen and General Purpose Wipes at Target. Five 11.5x19.5 wipes for $1.99. I intend to take half of one.

I'm trying it out this weekend.

Kathy Handyside said...

Eric - those were the only ones I could find that were close to the Bounty ones. Light Load now sells a package of 2 "mini" (12" x 12" size towels for $2.00 at REI. I really like them! They're just the right size for my Snow Peak 600 pot; plus they're softer than the Scotch Brite.

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