A UL Measuring Stick

I came up with this easy way to measure water by making a "measuring stick" that weighs almost nothing and you can make with things you already have laying around the house. It's nothing more than a strip of paper with measurements for different volumes of water in my pot. To make it waterproof, I simply sandwiched it between 2 pieces of packing tape but if you want to get fancy, you can laminate it.

To use, simply hold the measuring stick against the inner wall of the pot and pour the water to reach your desired volume. Keep in mind, different pots will require their own individual measuring sticks. I write the name and model number of the pot on each measuring stick.
A UL Measuring Stick A UL Measuring Stick Reviewed by Jason Klass on September 05, 2007 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

If you're careful, you can use a hammer and nail to put dimples in your cup/pot in measured increments. Worked great on my old dollar store steel cup.

Anonymous said...


I took your idea and modified it... Instead of the separate measuring stick I marked off 1/2 measurements on the handle of my spork. I invert the spork into the Titan kettle and pour to the appropriat mark. For me this works because I always use the Titan Kettle and the same spork. For you guys that have multiple pots you would need a utinsel matched to each specific pots etc... Thanks for your tips and videos, I really enjoy your helpful tips keep them coming! GvilleDave

Jason Klass said...

Thanks, I actually thought of that too but couldn't bring myself to scratch up my beloved titanium spork. How did you do it? With a Dremel tool?

Anonymous said...

I used a file & for the full cup marks I scatched a line all the way across the handle, for the 1/2 cup marks I used tin snips and crimped the edge from the center out so I could tell the difference between full & half cups. GvilleDave

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