The Klasslite Stove

Klaslite Alcohol Stove

Here's a little trick for all of you tea-light stove users who want to simplify your system. This is easy to make, light, and will leave you with one less thing to keep track of when you're setting up your stove.

OK, so I wanted to address questions surrounding my new stove that it's hard to fill because the pot stand gets in the way. This video should clearly illustrate that it's not a problem. Also, I've dubbed it the "Klasslite Stove" as a pun on Brasslite. It weighs in at 0.3 oz.

The Klasslite Stove The Klasslite Stove Reviewed by Jason Klass on September 22, 2007 Rating: 5


Questtrek said...

Awesome idea Jason, I am going to try that. I think it's well worth it. Thanks for the idea.

Abbi Jordan said...

A similar way to do that but also incorporate the windscreen, is the Goya stove by Atraildreamer. He sent me one to play with but for me it burns too hot, meaning the fuel is spent quicker than it can heat the pot. Because of this hotting up process, I have tried with it the Sgt Rock Ion and one of the Brasslite stove, but with the same result, they just flare up.
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